English Language & Literature (ELL)

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Shah Mohammad Sanaul Karim
Associate Professor & Chairman,
Department of English Language and Literature
Tel: +880-304251154; Extn. 411
Mobile: 01819748276
Email: smskelliiuc@yahoo.com, sanaul@ell.iiuc.ac.bd

1Mohammed Humayun KabirProfessor
EL: IIUC PABX, EXT: Mobile: 01711152267humayun002003@yahoo.com
2Mr. Mohd. Yasin SharifAssociate ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX, EXT: Mobile: 01713442171sharifmy@iiuc.ac.bd
3Dr. Mohammad Riaz MahmudAssociate Professor and Dean, Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesTel: IIUC PABX, EXT: 422 Res: 727028, Mobile: 01715034598riazm1972ell@gmail.com
4Mr. Sajjadul KarimAssociate Professor Tel: IIUC PABX, EXT: Mobile: 01817764658,sajjadulk@yahoo.com
5Dr. Mohammad Kaosar AhmedAssociate ProfessorTEL: IIUC PABX, EXT: Mobile: 01790681372, 01920544500kaosarahmed@rocketmail.com
6Mrs. Salma HaqueAssociate Professor and In-Charge, Female Academic ZoneRes: 25016018
Mobile: 01711308233
7Mr. Md. Eftekhar Uddin
Associate Professor
Tel: IIUC PABX; Extn: Mobile: 01688424242
8Dr. Shah Mohammad Sanaul Karim Associate ProfessorMobile: 01819748276, 01912563239smskelliiuc@yahoo.com
9Mr. Mohammed Sarwar AlamAssociate ProfessorMobile: 01742390959, 01914239116sarwarchk@yahoo.com
10Mr. Md. Nazmul HudaAssociate ProfessorMobile:01915553860, 01775724001nazmulhuda@iiuc.ac.bd
11Mr. Muhammad Safiur RahmanAssociate Professor Mobile: 01817716343safiur26@gmail.com
12Mr. Mohammad Taj UddinAssociate ProfessorMobile: 01846444409
13Mr. Muhammad Azizul Hoque Associate ProfessorMobile: 01818146370mazizhoque@yahoo.com
14Mr. Md. Iqbal HosainAssociate ProfessorMobile: 01616876773iqbal_hosain77@yahoo.com
15Mrs. Umme Salma (SL) Assistant ProfessorMobile: 01712906517salmaummeiiuc@yahoo.com
16Mrs. Farhiba FerdousAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01842027699, 01717027699 , farhibaf@yahoo.com
17Mr. Md. Mohib Ullah Assistant ProfessorMobile: +88-01688717171
18Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Uddin Khaled ChowdhuryAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01822098234, 01558780438, 01558780446 mkhaled1974@gmail.com
19Mrs. Tahmina AkhterAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01831090132rumkee2000@yahoo.com
20Mr. Abdul Hakim (SL)Assistant Professor Mobile: 01817795269hakim_cueng@yahoo.com
21Mr. Md. Abu Saleh NizamuddinAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01754959459nizam_cu13@yahoo.com
22Mr. Md. Maksud Ali (SL)Assistant Professor Mobile: +88-01716432018maksud@ell.iiuc.ac.bd
23Mr. Mohammad Taher Hossain SalimAssistant Professor Mobile: 01975-138652taher.iiuc@gmail.com
24Ms. Sultana JahanAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01534638200sultanajahaniiuc@ell.iiuc.ac.bd
25Mr. Md. Absar UddinAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01918025050absaruddin09@gmail.com
26Ms. Tahmina Mariyam
Assistant Professor and Coordinator dept. of ELL, FAZMobile: 01920941390
27Ms. Fawzia FathemaAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01824984768, 01722420563fawzia.fathema@yahoo.com
28Mr. Md. Morshedul AlamAssistant ProfessorMobile: 01818604492morshedeng82@gmail.com
29Ms. Ayesha SumayahLecturerMobile: 01994463548ayshasumayyah@gmail.com

Adjunct Faculty of the Dept. of ELL


Prof. Chowdhury Mohammad Ali

Department of English, University of Chittagong

Dr. Md. Rukan Uddin

Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Chittagong

Office of ELL


Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman

Assistant Director

IIUC PABX Extn. 412, Mobile: 01875-326875, Email: ell@iiuc.ac.bd